Substitute Resolution Granting Niantic Tribe of Indians Permission to Apart Personal Property

General Assembly, May Session, A.D. 1868

Whereas all the surviving members of the Niantic Tribe of Indians desire that the personal property belonging to said Tribe; excepting so much thereof as may be necessary to keep their Indian burial1ground situate in the Town of East Lyme in repair; be divided among the members of said Tribe according to the rule of division established by the Superior Court for New London County at its January Session 1867;


Resolved by this Assembly, that Learned Hebard, Esq. of the Town of Lebanon, be and is hereby appointed a committee, to divide said personal property among the members of said tribe, according to the rule of division established as aforesaid, excepting such a part thereof, not exceeding one hundred and twenty-five dollars, as in the judgment of said Hebard may be required to keep said Indian burial ground in repair, which sum is reserved and set apart for that purpose.


Legislative Action:

Substitute resolution giving Niantic Tribe of Indians permission to apart personal property / Senate, June 25, 1868, Passed, James U. Taintor, Clerk / House of Representatives. June 27, 1868, Passed, John A. Tibbits, Assistant Clerk /  Engsa, July 2 / Mr. Waite / 60  /



  • 1. In the original text the first five lines were numbered. Prior to regularization and reformatting this would have represented the end of the fifth line.