Bill in Form upon the Petition of Niantic Indians of East Lyme, Connecticut for Sale of Lands

Upon the petition of Calvin S. Manwaring and others, agent, and members of the Tribe of Niantic Indians in the Town of East Lyme, representing that the said tribe of Indians possess a certain tract of land in said East Lyme bounded as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner by the edge of the salt marsh, and at the west line of the Indian lands, thence southerly, by the west line of said Indian lands and the edge of the salt marsh, about 58 ¼ rods, to an old wall, thence easterly, by an old wall and other Indian lands 38 ½ rods to the highway, thence northerly by the highway, 21 ½ rods to the north side of Samuel Beckwith's gate, thence north easterly by the highway, 16 rods, to a marked stone in the wall, thence westerly by other Indian lands 17 ¾ rods, to the corner of an old wall, thence still westerly by an old wall and other Indian lands, to the edge of the salt marsh, 18 rods, to the place of beginning, containing about 9 ¼ acres, and further representing that Samuel Beckwith, of East Lyme, is the owner of a dwelling house and barn upon said land, he, the said Samuel, and his father, Ezra Beckwith, having owned the said buildings for about fifty years, paying for the rent of said lands a merely nominal rent, and further representing, that the said Samuel Beckwith is willing to purchase said lands at a proper valuation, and that is for the interest of said Indians that said land be sold and the avails otherwise invested.  And praying that some suitable person be authorized to sell and convey said land to said Samuel Beckwith for such value as shall be determined by disinterested appraisers, the avails thereof to be invested for the benefit of said Indians.

Resolved by the Assembly, that Calvin S. Manwaring, the agent of said tribe, be and hereby is authorized and empowered to sell and convey the said land above described, to the said Samuel Beckwith, for such value of money as the same shall be appraised at by the disinterested appraisers, to be appointed by the Superior Court for New London County, and, for such consideration to execute a deed or deeds conveying the same to said Beckwith which deed or deeds so executed shall be good and effective to convey the said land therein described, in fee simple- And that the said Manwaring be, and hereby is, empowered and required to invest the avails of such sale in1other real estate, or to put the same at interest, with ample mortgage security, – and said avails, and all investments thereof, shall remain for the use and benefit of said tribe of Indians, in the same manner in which said land is now held.

Provided, that before conveying said land, or any part therefore, as herein authorized, the said Manwaring shall give to the judge of probate for the district of East Lyme, a good and sufficient bond with surety, to the acceptance of said judge, conditioned that he will comply faithfully with the requirements of this act, in the disposal and re-investment of the land hereby authorized to be sold.

Legislative Action:

Bill in form de petition of Niantic Indians / House of Representatives, June 12, 1856, Passed, Edwin B. Trumbull, Clerk / Senate, June 13, 1856, Passed, Orville H. Platt, Clerk / Executive Office, June 16, 1856, Approved, William T. Minor



  • 1. The following text was crossed out in the original: bank stock or deed and mortgages and said avails