Remonstrance of Anson D. Cooper and Others

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden in New Haven on the first Wednesday of May AD. 18501

The undersigned members of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians located in Montville, County of New London, would respectfully remonstrate against permission being granted by said General Assembly to Benjamin Brushel, Pually Mossuck, Elizabeth Fowler, Mary Fowler, and Solomon Paul, Henry Matthews, Mercy A. Matthews, Adeline C. Matthews, and Delana E. Matthews to sell their shares (such of them who have shares) in the Mohegan Tribe lands.

The undersigned offer and can prove that Benjamin Brushel and Elizabeth Fowler are not legitimate descendants of the Mohegan Tribe therefore have no interest in the tribe lands.  Pually Mossuck has once asked for and obtained permission to sell her right. And Mary Fowler has sold all her interest in said lands to Avery L. Samson, her attorney. Solomon Paul is not now, nor was he ever, a member of said tribe of Indians, nor were his ancestors' members of said tribe, and he has no right to any of the lands therein.  The said Henry and Mercy A. Mathews were assisted by the tribe in building their home in which they now reside.  And if allowed to sell would be liable to become needy and in such case would have to be supported by the tribe from the tribe funds.  The said Adeline C. and Delana E. Mathews are, the first, three years of age, the other, less than one-year old.  And the undersigned verily believe they are yet incapable of judging for themselves whether it would be for their interest to sell their rights or not.     

The undersigned believe that with the exception of a very few cases the members of said tribe of Indians have received no benefit from selling their lands.  It has oftener resulted in more evil than good.  They would therefore respectfully remonstrate against the prayer of the foregoing petitioners for leave to sell their lands.

Dated Mohegan, April 29, 1850

Legislative Action:

Remonstrance Mohegan Tribe of Indians /   Remonstrance of Anson D. Cooper and Others, Members of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, located in Montville in New London County, against Granting Certain Persons, therein Named for Certain Reasons therein Set Forth, Permissions to Sell Lands /

Remonstrance of Anson D. Cooper and Others members of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, located in Montville in New London County, against Granting Permission to Certain Persons therein Named for Reasons therein Set Forth, to Sell Tribe Lands / Number 238 / Entered, May Session 1850,

J. N. Trumbull, Clerk for Hiram Weed, Secretary of State / Senate, May 15, 1850, Referred to Joint Standing Committee on the Sale of Lands, Henry I. Fuller, Clerk / House of Representatives, May 16, 1850, House Concurred with Senate in Reference, Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk / House of Representatives, June 3, 1850, Leave to Withdraw, Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk / Belcher2 / Sale of lands



  • 1. The first Wednesday in May 1850 was May 1st.
  • 2. Most likely a reference to the senator from the Seventh District, Nathan Belcher.