Petition of Lureanett Dick and Others for Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut

The petition of the undersigned respectfully shows that Lureanett Dick (formerly Lureanett Crosley and a descendant of Philip Occuish), Mercy Johnson (formerly Mercy Thomas, a descendant of Anna Sobuck), Abigail Niles (formerly Abigail Johnson, claiming in the right of Isaac Poquiantup) and John Occuish (a descendant of Philip Occuish) are of the Niantic Tribe of Indians, and that as such they are severally interested in, and have a right of property as tenants in common to the land included in the Indian reservation within the State of Connecticut, known by the name of Niantic or Black Point.

And your petitioners further show, that they are now inhabitants of the State of Wisconsin, and are no longer in any manner benefited by the lands in said reservation.  They, therefore, pray Your Honorable Body to pass a special law, authorizing, and empowering your said petitioners to sell and convey so much of said land as they would be entitled to, upon a division of said land equally amongst those who have lawful title to the same. 

And your petitioners will ever pray, etc.,

Lureanett Dick
Abigail Niles
Mercy Johnson
John Occuish

Legislative Action:

Petition of Lureanett Dick, Mercy Johnson, Abigail Niles, and John Occuish, Niantic Indians, to the Legislature of the State of Connecticut for leave to sell lands / Number 130 / Entered, May Session, 1849, J.H. Trumbull, Clerk for Roger H. Mills, Secretary of State / House of Representatives, May 9, 1849, Referred to Joint Standing Committee on Sale of Lands, George C. Woodruff,  Assistant Clerk / Senate, May 10, 1849, Senate concurred, Henry B. Graves, Clerk / Senate, May 26, 1849, Leave granted to withdraw, Henry B. Graves, Clerk / House of Representatives, May 28, 1849, Leave to withdraw granted