Summons for the Mohegan Tribe relative to the Petition of Henry Matthews and Others of the Mohegan Tribe

To the Sheriff of the County of New London his Deputy or to Either of the Constables of the Town of Montville or to Any Indifferent Person to Serve and Return, Greeting

By authority of the State of Connecticut you are hereby commanded to summon the Mohegan Tribe of Indians located and being situate in the Town of Montville to appear before the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden at New Haven on the first Wednesday of May AD 18501 on Tuesday of the second week of the session2 thereof then and there to shew cause why the prayer of the foregoing petition shall not be granted and you are to leave a true and attested copy of the foregoing petition and of this citation with John G. Fitch, the overseer of said tribe of Indians, at least twelve days before the day mentioned for the appearance before said legislature to the end that the same may be fully known to said tribe.

Fail not but lawful service and return make,

Robert Comstock, Justice of the Peace

Dated at Montville, April 22, 1850 

State of Connecticut in the jurisdiction of New London County

I then left at the usual place of abode of John G. Fitch, the within named overseer, a true and attested copy of the within petition and summons citation.

Attest, Joseph Pierce, an indifferent person to serve and return
Montville, April 23, 1850

Legislative Action:

Petition of Henry Mathews and others of the Mohegan Tribe for the Sale of Lands / Number 158 / Entered, May Session, 1850, Hiram Weed, Secretary of State / Senate, May 9, 1850, Referred to Joint Standing Committee on Sale of Lands, Henry I. Fuller, Clerk / House of Representatives, May 14, 1850 / House of Representatives, Concur with Senate, Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk / Senate, May 28, 1850, Leave to Withdraw, Henry I. Fuller, Clerk,  House of Representatives, June 3,  1850, House Concurred, Edward S. Cleveland, Assistant Clerk / Belcher3 / Sale of lands

  • 1. The first Wednesday of may 1850 was May 1st.
  • 2. May 7th
  • 3. Most likely a reference to Senator from the Seventh District, Nathan Belcher