Report of the Committee on the Petition of Cynthia Smith and Others to Sell Real Estate

General Assembly May Session 1845

The Joint Standing Committee on Sale of Lands, to whom was referred the petition of Cynthia Smith and others of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians for a public act authorizing said Indians to sell and convey real estate one to another, respectfully report that they have had the same under consideration and are of opinion that the prayer of the petitioners ought not to be granted.  They, therefore, recommend that they have leave to withdraw their petition.

Respectfully submitted by order of the committee,

Dudley R. Wheeler, Chairman

Legislative Action:

Report of Committee on Petition of Cynthia Smith, etc. / Senate June  3, 1845, Accepted, Nelson L. White, Clerk / House of Representatives, June 3, 1845, Accepted, William N. Bowers, Assistant Clerk