Petition of John Cooper and Others

To the Honourable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Held at New Haven in said State on the First Wednesday of May 18361

The petition of the subscribers, members of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, humbly sheweth that there is a small piece of land belonging to said Tribe situated near the top of Fitch’s Hill, so-called, in the town of Montville, and lying on both sides of the highway leading from Trading Cove to Montville meeting house, and contains about ten acres.  That a part of said tract of land lies on the southerly side of said highway and adjoins said highway northerly and the lands of Joshua Wheeler, Asabel Adgate and Nathaniel Vibber on the other sides, is a three-cornered piece and contains about nine acres.  That said tribe maintain the whole fence on said highway and one-half the fence between the adjoining proprietors and the same.  That said part of said tract will not rent for enough to pay for maintaining the fences around it.  That the remainder of said tract or piece of land lies on the northerly side of said highway and is principally a swamp and never has been enclosed with a fence and has always lain open to the highway and commons and is of no benefit to said tribe and never has been.  And said tract of land is bounded, southerly on said highway, and lands of Adonijah Fitch and at one corner, for about ten rods, by other lands of said tribe and contains about two acres and is divided from the other part by said highway, and is unproductive to said tribe. The petitioners, therefore, pray Your Honourable Body to authorize and empower them to sell said tract of land to the best advantage and empower some suitable person to execute a legal conveyance of the same and that the avails of the sale thereof shall be paid over to the overseer of said tribe for their use and benefit.

And they as in duty bound will pray,

Lucy Cooper2
John Uncas3
Mis Cooper,4 mark
Eunice Johnson                 
Dated at Mohegan, April 30, 1836

Legislative Action:

Petition of John Cooper and Others / May Session 1836, Entered, Royal R. Hinman, Secretary / No. 15, House of Representatives 1836, Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary, William P. Burall, Clerk / In Senate 1836, Concurred, Robinson S. Hinman, Clerk


9A, 9B

  • 1. The first Wednesday in May 1836 was May 4.
  • 2. It is unclear who this Lucy Cooper is. She may be a previously unidentified daughter of John Cooper or the second wife of Peter George Cooper.
  • 3. There are more than one John Uncas that may have been living in 1836. Most likely it was the son of John Uncas, born c. 1750, a Revolutionary War soldier who married Esther Rogers. In May 1827, they were living at Mohegan with four children. He appears on the 1840 Federal Census for Montville, Connecticut as a war pensioner. This John Uncas died on December 19, 1842. The second John Uncas, a seaman, died on the US St. Louis in 1845. Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 417. “Death of John Uncas,” The Daily Atlas, December 22, 1843, 2. “Died,”New York Commercial Advertiser, September 11, 1845, 3.
  • 4. This person remains unknown.