Report of the Joint Committee on Three Petitions regarding the Sale of Indian Lands

General Assembly, May Session 1836

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary to whom was referred the petition of John Cooper and others, the petition of Charles Wyyougs and others, the petition of John Tantaquidgeon and others, and the petition of Sally Law, relative to the sale of Indian lands, etc., report that they do not learn that said petitions are preferred by the advice and consent of the overseer by law appointed by the County Court.  And your committee are of the opinion that it would not be expedient to grant said petitions under these circumstances and therefore recommend that the above petitioners, severally, have leave to withdraw their respective petitions.

All which is respectfully submitted per order.

Ichabod Bulkley, Chairman

Legislative Action:

Report de Indian Petitions / In Senate 1836, Accepted and Leave Granted, Robinson S. Hinman, Clerk / House of Representatives 1836, Accepted and Leave Granted to Withdraw, William P. Burall, Clerk / Leave to withdraw