Petition of Sarah Law

State of Connecticut

To the Honourable Gentlemen that Compose the General of the Assembly of the State of Connecticut

A humble native begs leave to petition, I and my little son do own a house which cost between twelve and thirteen hundred dollars eight years ago.  That your humble petitioner is a widow that has a son under seven year old to raise and provide for and I am in a feeble state of health unable to go out to work and have not been able to clear my living since my husband’s decease.1  That I was never a burden to the state or town in which it is my privileged to belong, having, when my health would permit, worked in season and out of season so as not be chargeable even to my husband when I was favored with one.  Under these considerations, your humble petitioner does most earnestly beg that she may be excused from paying taxes.  I do not wish to be understood as complaining of the laws of the state in which I belong, but my case being a singular one and being a descendant of the Tribe of Mohegan, I hope it cannot be considered as a disrespect to the good and wholesome laws which I wish in every other respect minutely to honor.

Your most humble servant, 

Norwich, April 21, 1836                

Legislative Action:

Petition of Sarah Law, a descendant of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, praying that her property may be exempt from taxation / Entered May Session, 1836,  No. 135, Robinson S. Hinman, Secretary House of Representatives 1836, Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary, William P. Burall, Clerk /  In Senate 1836, Concurred, Robinson S. Hinman, Clerk



  • 1. William Law died November 6, 1833 in Norwich, Connecticut. Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 226