Report of the Committee upon the Petition of Doctor Philemon Tracy Seeking Compensation for Services Provided a Member of the Eastern Pequot Tribe

The committee to whom was referred the petition of Doctor Philemon Tracy report that they have heard the petition with his evidence and exhibits, and do find that the matters and things set forth in said petition are true and do recommend that the prayer thereof be granted and the accompanying resolve adopted by the General Assembly.  All which is respectfully submitted.
Signed by order of the committee,
Newcomb Kinney, Chairman
Legislative Action:
Report of Committee on Memorial of Doctor Philemon Tracy,  Not Accepted
Report de Mohegan Indians / House of Representative, May Session, 1827 / Referred to Joint Committee on the part of their Overseers [ illegible ] O.C. Philips, Carrington,[1] Sherwood Raymond, Sellig, Martin, Pierce, J. Hull, J. Fuller.   Cyrus  Beardslee, clerk
In Senate, May 1827. Concurred with House of Representatives and Honorable Mr. Mitchell[2] appointed to join.  W.H. Huntington, clerk
In Senate, May 1827.  Continued to the next session of the General Assembly.  W.H. Huntington, Clerk

[1] Abijah Carrington
[2] Thomas Mitchell