Committee's Report on Benjamin Uncas' Letter

We, Your Honors’ committee, being appointed to take into consideration the subject matter of Benjamin Uncas’s letter to His Honor, the Governor, and the matters of grievance therein mentioned and, having taken said matters into consideration, are of opinion that some proper and suitable gentlemen be appointed as a committee to repair to Mohegan or some place near thereto as soon as may be and convene said Indians or so many of them as they may think proper before them and make due enquiry into the matters of complaint and grievance to endeavor to reconcile the contending parties or persons, and also proceed therein as the exigence of the case may require and thereof make report to the General Assembly at their sessions in October next, all which is submitted,

Signed per order,                     

Eliphalet Dyer

            Notation:                      Committee’s report on Benjamin Uncas’s letter

Legislative Action:        In the Upper House, the foregoing report of the committee accepted

and approved.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, William Pitkin, Jr., Clerk  / May 1765 /

Cataloguing:                261