Committee Report on the Petition of Adam

To the Honorable General Assembly to be Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May next

Whereas the General Assembly at their Sessions at New Haven in October last appointed us, the subscribers, a committee to hear and take into consideration all the matters contained in and referred to in the petition of Adam, an Indian, one of the Natives and descendants of the New Haven or Quinnipiac Indians, relative to lands reserved for the use of said tribe of Indians, at or near South End, so called, in the Parish of East Haven in said New Haven and to make report, etc., and having met agreeable to said appointment and heard the parties and taken into consideration the matters contained in and referred to

in said petition, beg leave to report that we find an instrument under the hand and seal of John Morris of said New Haven bearing date April 26, 1741, as mentioned in said petition by which it appears that there was reserved for the use of said tribe of Indians for planting only, so long as any of said tribe were in the world to claim the same, three tracts of land, as described in said instrument, containing in the whole about thirty acres, being part of a tract of land called the New Indian Field, and the said Indians were to enjoy the privilege of planting said three pieces of land alternately, that is each piece once in three years.  In consequence of which agreement, we find that the said Indians have ever had the quiet and peaceable improvement of said lands for planting as abovesaid, until within a few years now last past.  The owners of said lands (who at present are Timothy Tuttle, Jr. and Joseph Tuttle, of said New Haven) have wholly refused to allow said Indians any improvement of said lands, and as we find there are some remains of that tribe of Indians now living, we are of opinion they have a just and equitable right to the improvement of said lands agreeable to the before mentioned covenant and agreement.

All which is humbly submitted by Your Honors’ most obedient humble servants,

Dated in Branford, April 23, 1767

Legislative Action:  In the Upper House, the foregoing report of the committee is accepted and approved and ordered that a bill in form be brought in accordingly.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, William Williams, Clerk

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