Memorial of Adam (1766)

April 26, 1741 for himself, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns did covenant and engage to and with the proprietors of said town in behalf of said tribe that he would keep said lands in proper condition and fenced for the use of said tribe for planting and the like as by the said writing, ready to be shown appears, which John Morris nevertheless afterwards1 sold and conveyed away the said lands absolutely and as being unencumbered and the same by diverse mean conveyances have derived and  come to Timothy Tuttle, Jr. and Joseph Tuttle of said New Haven, which Timothy and Joseph Tuttle, having entered into and upon the said land so reserved for said tribe as aforesaid altogether refuse to suffer any of said tribe to make any use or improvement thereof to their great grief and detriment. Whereupon your memorialist humbly prays that Your Honors will look into said matter and decree and order that said Timothy Tuttle, Jr. and Joseph Tuttle, on pain of forfeiting a large sum, do suffer and permit the Indians of said tribe to use and occupy the said lands according to the true intent of said ancient reservation or enable them or some of them for the whole of said tribe to institute their action for recovery of the same at law and appoint some suitable person as agent to conduct the said matters for them or in some other way grant relief in the premises as Your Honors shall think fit and your memorialist, as in duty bound, shall ever pray,


New Haven, October 2, 1766

Endorsement:   To the Sheriff of the County of New Haven, his deputy or constable of New Haven in said county, greeting.  In his Majesty’s name you are hereby required to summon Timothy Tuttle, Jr. and Joseph Tuttle of said New Haven to appear if they see cause before the General Assembly to be held at said New Haven on the second Thursday of instant October; that is that they appear on the Tuesday next after said Thursday to show reason, if any be, why the prayer of the foregoing memorial should not be granted and you are to leave a true attested copy of said memorial and the citation with the said Timothy Tuttle, Jr. and said Joseph Tuttle or at the usual place of their abode at least twelve days before said Tuesday.  Hereof fail not and due return make.  

Daniel Lyman, Justice of Peace

Dated at New Haven, October 2, 1766.                                              

Cataloguing:    165

  • 1. Deleted text: by his certain deed bearing date