Memorial of Robert Cleland

Unto the Honorable Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut to Meet at New Haven, the 9th of October A.D. 1760                         

At the earnest request of the Mohegan Indians, the memorial of Robert Clelland, their school master, on their behalf, humbly showeth that it has ever been my study since I undertook to teach this tribe to be faithful for that purpose, I frequently take a tour through the fields to look upon my little flock and uses all the rhetoric and persuasions I am capable of to make the parents, etc., to send their children steadily to school.  In the summer season (the time for doing most good) many of the poorest sort of them complain they have nothing to give them for their dinner.  Since the war there are many orphans and fatherless

children.  They that have the care of them raises some corn and beans so they have wherewith to keep them the winter, but when summer comes and corn turns dear, they are in very great straits, and I am forced to do a little in giving the neediest of them sometimes a piece of bread for dinner.  Trial was made two summers, which had a good effect in drawing the children to school.  Our Savior’s followers were increased by loaves, so a little piece of bread and cheese would mightily entice the little children.

This Honorable Assembly has been remarkably kind, both to the souls and bodies of this tribe.  And as many of them has died in the defense of everything that is dear to this government, so I in their name implore your compassion for their offspring in allowing them only for the summer season a piece of bread and cheese to the scholars of this tribe.

May it, therefore, please Your Honors to grant me five or six pounds to purchase grain, etc., for a dinner for the Indian children attends my school, only from the first of April to the first of October, and the same shall be laid out and bestowed in the best manner at the direction of Pygan Adams, Esq., and the Reverend Mr. David Jewett.  If I have the money this fall, I can purchase grain cheaper then in the spring, and as I hope the war now will be at an end, at least this government eased of the burden of raising men for the future. I hope Your Honors will grant the request.

I take this opportunity to return to Your Honors my sincere and unfeigned thanks for your favor last May, and so praying for peace and prosperity to this government, and that we may be long blessed with such

wise, pious, and faithful rulers as now proceeds over us,

I am yours,

Robert Clelland

            Legislative Action:        In the Upper House, the prayer of this memorial granted, that the sum to

be drawn out of the treasury be six pounds, and that a bill in form be brought in accordingly.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, Abraham Davenport, Clerk

No. 18 / [ illegible ] Memorial for the Mohegan Indians / October 1760 /

May 1761 / Passed Upper House / June 5 p.m. / Bill / Passed Lower House  / June 5 / x tt / Entered

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