Committee Report of Matthew Griswold on Mohegan Affairs

We, Your Honors’ committee, appointed by Your Honors to take into consideration the matters contained in a memorial exhibited to this Assembly by Ben Uncas, Sachem of the Mohegan Indians, and report our opinion thereon, having considered the matters aforesaid beg leave to report as follows:

That upon the best information we can obtain, some waste and destruction has been made in the wood and timber on the Mohegan lands to the prejudice of said tribe of Indians.  That we are of opinion it is necessary this Assembly interpose and that every person be prohibited from carrying off any wood or timber from said Mohegan lands under such penalties, as Your Honors shall judge proper unless the express leave or license the major part of the overseers of said Indians be first had and obtained, that said overseers be directed diligently to inspect said Indians’ affairs and prosecute for all encroachments, trespasses, wrongs, and injuries done to said tribe of Indians on their said lands and improvements thereon, and transact those affairs in behalf of said Indians for their benefit in the best manner they can.

All which is submitted by Your Honors’ humble servants, signed by order,       

Matthew Griswold

May 1760

Legislative Action:        In the Lower House, the above report accepted and approved, etc.  Test,

Abraham Davenport, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary

Cataloguing:                104