Order on the Memorial of Ben Uncas

Upon the memorial of Benjamin Uncas, Sachem of the Tribe of the Mohegan Indians, and others of said tribe, showing that through the scarcity of provisions among said Indians, and their poverty and disability to supply a competency of food for their children at school, and praying a sum to the amount of 25 or 30 pounds old tenor be granted to be applied for providing dinners for their said children attending at school, etc.

Resolved by this Assembly that the sum of fifty shillings lawful money be granted to be paid out of the public treasury of this colony and the treasurer of this colony hereby is ordered and directed to pay out of said treasury unto Adonijah Fitch, Esq., and the Reverend Mr. David Jewett, both of New London, the said sum of fifty shillings lawful money or in bills of credit equivalent to be by them applied to the

purpose abovesaid.

            Legislative Action:        Passed in the Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary. 

Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, John Fowler, Clerk / May 1755 /

            Cataloguing:                95