Memorial of Ben Uncas

Unto his Honor, the Governor and Honored General Assembly of Connecticut to meet at Hartford, May 8 A.D. 1755

The petition of Benjamin Uncas, sachem, and his council in name and behalf of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, it being a scarce time for corn, many of the tribe can not keep their children at school merely for want of having a piece of bread for their children’s dinner and there are many orphan children and children whose father is gone and going into this present expedition, whose mother is unable to provide a dinner for their child.  The school has had good effect amongst us, many not only taught to read the Bible but some to write, so that we humbly apply to Your Honors for a small provision of twenty five or thirty pounds old tenor to provide a piece of bread and cheese for the children’s dinners and if this succeed (as we hope it will) to the increasing learning and knowledge amongst us, we are encouraged that the Reverend Mr. Jewett will apply the honorable commissioners at Boston for a dinner for the children the winter season.  This petition is presented at the desire of our said minister and Adonijah Fitch, Esq., who will see that this gratuity, if granted, shall be faithfully applied.  Our tribe has always been ready to go upon all expeditions in the defense of this government, and many of our number is embarked in this present undertaking.  Our schoolmaster has agreed to bake the bread gratis for the children.

May it, therefore, please the Honorable Assembly to allow us such a gratuity of twenty five or thirty pounds old tenor to be paid to the hands of Adonijah Fitch and Mr. Jewett for the use of providing a dinner for the children, and we hope the commissioners will continue the same to us, as was done in the day of Captain Mason, our former schoolmaster, and your petitioners shall ever pray,

Benjamin  Uncas

Zachary Johnston, his mark

John Tantaquidgeon

Notation:                      The Honorable Assembly of Connecticut to sit May 8,1755

            Legislative Action:        In the Upper House, on this memorial, granted that there be paid out of

                                                the public treasury, fifty shillings lawful money to a proper person to be

applied, for the use and purpose above mentioned, and that a bill in form may be brought in accordingly.        Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the Lower House.  Test, John Fowler, Clerk.

Memorial of Benjamin Uncas, etc. / May 1755 / Passed Upper House / May 13 p.m. / Passed Lower House / Bill / Passed Lower House May 13 p.m. / Passed Upper House

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