Committee Report on James Harris' Memorial

To the Honorable The General Assembly of His Majesty’s Colony of Connecticut to be holden at New Haven on the Second Thursday of October A.D. 1746

Whereas Your Honors at your sessions in May last upon the prayer of Mr. James Harris of New London that he might be allowed for sundry charges and disbursements and time spent in the service of said colony at two commissioners courts held at Norwich, wherein the Mohegan sachem and Indians were complainants and the government was defendants, were pleased to appoint us, the subscribers, viz., Hezekiah Huntington and Joseph Fowler together with John Bulkley, Esq., to view and examine into the demands of the said Harris respecting his accounts and to make report to this present Assembly and the said John Bulkley, Esq., not being able by reasons of other business to attend said services, we, the said Hezekiah Huntington and Joseph Fowler, met at Norwich on the day of the date hereof, and the said Mr. James Harris, having laid his accounts before us, we carefully examined them and heard what said Harris had to offer in proof thereof and, having fully considered the whole, do report to Your Honors as follows,

First, we find by the said Harris his declaration to which he hath made solemn oath that he went to Hartford to inform Governor Talcott of Captain Mason ’s going to England, for which he charges 40/, and we farther find or by said declaration that the Governor gave some general instructions to the said Harris to go and search the records at New London and take copies to go to Newport and try to prevent Mason’s having that colony seal affixed to his papers and also that he should use his best endeavor to stop Yeomanum from going with Captain Mason to England and his cost therein to amount to  £ 22.  14  .00

Secondly, we find that said Harris by his said declaration convened the Indians together at New London about a revocation at Shapley’s which he paid said Shapley for their expenses,                                                                                                       10  .13  .07

and also at another time when the agents meet at New London to confer with Mason said Harris paid for expenses of Uncas at Collins’                                                     00  .09  .06

Third, we find by said declaration that the said Harris had orders to agree with the Indians, at as good terms as he could, to engage them on the colony’s side by the agents and was obliged to give them in the whole                                                                  00  .96  .12

[Fourth], we find that the said Harris hath charged for time and expenses at the commissioners court at Norwich the first time.                                                                        08  .00  .00

[Fifth], we find by said declaration that said Harris went to Hartford with sundry Indians to inform the colony agents of the uneasiness of some of them, his time and expenses and Indians’ expense, in part                          08  .00  .00                                                                                                   

Sixth, we find that said Harris was ordered by the colony agents at both the commissioners courts to take care of the Mohegan Indians and keep them in order, the last of which courts we find he was 49 days and expenses at Mr. Simon Tracy’s as per his receipts and accounts                                                                                             42  .01  .02

Seventhly, we find by said Harris’ declaration that by advice of the colony’s agents, he purchased a beaver hat of Philip Tanner  for young Ben Uncas at                            15  .00  .00                                    

        £ 193  .10  .03

All which is humbly submitted to Your Honors by Your Most Obedient Humble servants,

Hezekiah Huntington

Joseph Fowler

Norwich, October 6, 1746                  

            Legislative Action:       In the Lower House, the report of the within committee accepted

and approved, and granted thereon that said James Harris be paid out of the treasury of this colony the sum of £193.10.03 for the within services and that a bill in form be drawn accordingly.  Test, Jeremiah Chapman, Clerk.1 In the Upper House, concurred with alteration, viz., that said James Harris be paid, etc., the sum of one hundred pounds old tenor bills in full for the services and disbursements within mentioned.

In the Lower House, Captain Jedediah Chapman, Mr. Ambrose Whittlesey, and Major Jabez Hamlin are chosen committee to join such gentlemen as the Upper House shall appoint to confer on the differing votes of the Houses.  Test, Jeremiah Chapman, Clerk.  In the Upper House, William Pitkin and Ebenezer Silliman, Esqs., are appointed a committee to join the above committee of the Lower House and confer on the differing votes of the Houses on this report.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Reconsidered and concurred in the Lower House.  Test, Jeremiah Chapman, Clerk.

Committee’s Report / James Harris’s Account / October 1746 / Passed Lower House / Passed Upper House / October 23 p.m. / Committee / Bill / Passed Upper House / October 24 a.m. / Entered

Cataloguing:                2a, 2b

  • 1. Deleted text:  Deferred to in the upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary