Petition of Charles Marston, Treasurer of Mashpee, to the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

in General Court Assembled, January Session 1848.

The undersigned, Commissioners and Treasurer of the District of Mashpee, respectfully represents that there are a number of poor persons on said district, of the class of state paupers, who have been and are supported in whole or in part by said district.  That said district, on account of its limited resources and peculiar circumstances, is entirely unable to bear the burden of the support of such paupers.  He, therefore, prays that he may be repaid, as treasurer, the amount actually and necessarily spent for the support of said paupers the past year, amounting to $434.56.  And that Your Honorable Body would pass an act providing for the future remuneration of said district for the sum actually and necessarily expended for the support of such paupers.

And your petitioner further respectfully represents that by the provisions of the 54th Chapter of Resolves 1847,1 there was deducted from the amount allowed said district for support of state paupers for the year 1846, the sum of $116.20, being the amount charged in the account of said district against the Commonwealth for support of persons, in the year 1845, as state paupers, who were not wholly supported by said district during said time.  That said sum of $116.20 ought to be repaid to said district, as it is necessary to enable them to meet their liabilities incurred in part for the support of the same paupers during said year 1845.  Wherefore, your petitioner prays that said sum of $116.20 may also be reimbursed to said district, out of the treasury of the Commonwealth.

An account of the expenditures above named, for the year 1847, is hereto appended.

And as in duty bound, etc.

Charles Marston, Commissioner and Treasurer of Mashpee                                                   

Report shows $ 765 paid for poor during the year.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the District of Mashpee, debitor, for the support of the following state paupers for the year ending November 1, 1847             

James Wells, now dead, bedridden for years, and support necessarily expensive, age 94      $        43.82
Quam Hazard, aged 74, blind for many years                                                                                      25.48
Lois Pells, aged 80,                                                                                                                              25.48
Martha Summers, aged 88,                                                                                                                  56.14
Polly Setom, aged 63, idiot,                                                                                                                 73.15
John Odiorne, aged 75, infirm and crippled                                                                                         46.68
Mercy Odiorne, aged 68, infirm for years                                                                                            40.10
Alfred Amy, aged 51, non-compos and lost one foot                                                                           25.48
Silvia Casco, aged 58, infirm                                                                                                               19.79
Betsy Amos, aged 60, helped when sick                                                                                             11.50
Ephraim Jerrett, aged 92, blind for years                                                                                             52.00
Abraham Jackson, now dead- aged 64, helped when sick                                                                 14.94

                                                                                                                                                  $      434.56

Amount deducted from the account of 1846 by Resolve 54 of 1847                                                116.20

                                                                                                                                                  $      550.76

Legislative Action:

Number 16 / J. Hinckley of Barnstable Presents the Petition of the Commissioner and Treasurer of the District of Mashpee, Praying Reimbursement for the Amount Expended for State Paupers by said District / House of Representatives, January 29, 1848, Referred to Committee on Claims, Sent up for concurrence, Charles W. Storey, Clerk / Senate, January 31, 1848, Concurred, Charles Calhoun, Clerk

  • 1. Chapter 54, Resolve concerning State Paupers, authorized the Treasurer to reserve from any money due from the Treasury to any city or town, all sums of money which have been overpaid to such city or town for State pauper charges. Chapter 54, Acts and Resolves (Massachusetts, 1847), 523.