Copy of a Report from a Committee of Mashpee Proprietors

We, the subscribers, a committee of the proprietors of Mashpee appointed to confer with the Reverend Gideon Hawley respecting making a grant of lands and meadows to him and his heirs and assigns for his encouragement in the Gospel ministry among us beg leave to report.

That it appears to us just and reasonable that the proprietors above said give, grant, and convey to the said Gideon Hawley and to his heirs and assigns forever the whole of that lot of land adjoining his house together with the land lying contiguous to it on the westerly side thereof running upon a line from an oak tree we have marked near that which was Hannah Richards' field and1 over to another marked tree which stands upon the road which leads from Mashpee Road so called to Old Fortune's and from thence southerly bearing to the west as the road runs to another marked tree standing near where Mashpee Road enters the Great Road and from thence down to Cotuit Brook2 by the Great Road near the said Hawley's House and then up said brook to the road which leads from Ebenezer Crocker's to Sandwich and then westerly as the fence stands to the first marked tree.  It being the most of it rough land and only fit for the growth of wood and about 40 acres.  And we also recommend it to the said proprietors to give to the said Hawley, his heirs, etc. the cleared field called Sias's, by estimation 18 acres be it more or less, together with wood land adjoining to it sufficient to keep in repair the fence belonging to said field.  And we also recommend it to the proprietors to give him that lot of land whereon the said Hawley's barn now stands including all the within fence by estimation four acres exclusive of the four acres which is now his property.  And we also recommend it to the said proprietors to give the said Hawley and his heirs and assigns forever, all that lot of salt meadow in the Great Cove, by estimation a sufficiency to raise six ton annually, which he now improves as parsonage together with suitable timber for fencing it and upland sufficient to make the hay upon and the privilege of road to and from the premises.  And we judge it reasonable that the said Hawley should give the said proprietors security to re-convey the same or a reasonable part of it should he by any unreasonable means quit the ministry among us as long as he hath abilities for that work.                                                

Noah Webquish, his mark
Joseph Richards, his mark                           
Mashpee, March 31, 1779



Mashpee, April 27, 1779 / This may certify that the within is a true copy of the original report of the committee whose names are subscribed thereunto, which was on this day distinctly and repeatedly read in proprietors meeting, which met by adjournment from 23rd of March last and was unanimously accepted and ordered to be recorded in the proprietors' books.  Test. by Lemuel Howland, Proprietors' Clerk.




  • 1. Crossed out text: into a steep bottom with water and so
  • 2. Also known as Santuit
  • 3. There are several Gideon Nautumpums in the records. Their overlapping lifespans make definitive identification difficult in some instances.