Petition of Charles Wyougs and Others

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at New Haven, May 4th 1836

Comes Charles Wyyougs, a Native and one of the Mohegan Tribe, and prays Your Honorable Body to grant him a right of land from the land belonging to the Mohegan Tribe, which right of land was granted to his brother-in-law, Samuel Horsecoat, and at his decease was taken by the overseers of the Indian affairs and enclosed with the tribe land.  Said right of land was given by Judge Hillhouse and William Horton, then conductors of Indian lands and affairs.  The petitioner further sayeth that he has never received any right of land nor can he obtain any from the overseer of the land now in charge of the Mohegan Indian Tribe land.  He is under the necessity of hiring land to employ himself and his team and does not wish to sell said right of land but to improve it for his common support.

Nota Bene: We, the undersigned, do say that the petitioner, Charles Wyyougs, is a steady and industrious man and ought to have the land.

Subscriber’s names,       

Sally Tantaquidgeon1                                                                                                                  
David Cooper, his mark
Lucy Cooper, her mark
Peter Cooper, his mark
Lucy Cooper, her mark
Montville, April 29, 1836

Legislative Action:

Charles Wyyougs and others /  Entered, May Session 1836, No. 168, Royal R. Hinman, Secretary / House of Representatives 1836, Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary, William P. Burall, Clerk / In Senate   1836, Concurred, Robinson S. Hinman, Clerk


10A, 10B

  • 1. The identity of Sally Tantaquidgeon is unclear. There are two possibilities: Sally Brooks, the wife of John Tantaquidgeon or Sally Tecomwas/Tantaquidgeon, the wife of Jacob H. Fowler.