Petition of Roger W. Williams, Esq. of Brooklyn, CT to the Connecticut General Assembly

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford on the First

Wednesday in May 18191

The Petition of Roger W. Williams of Brooklyn in the County of Windham respectfully sheweth that a General Assembly holden at New Haven on the second Thursday in October 1808,2 assembled and fully authorized the petitioner to sell and convey a certain tract of land lying in said Brooklyn which belonged to the heirs of Lucy and Hannah Jowon (Indian women) which land was particularly described in said order with power to loan the money obtained for said land and to pay out for the benefit of said heirs as their necessities should require under the direction of the Court of Probate for the District of Pomfret, that your petitioner sold said land for about twelve hundred dollars soon after and loaned the same according to said order, that he has paid out for the necessary support of sundry of said heirs a part of the interest arising on said loans, that there now remains in the hand of your petitioner in obligations about fourteen hundred dollars, that it has become inconvenient for the petitioner further to attend to said business, and thereupon prays Your Honors to appoint some suitable person in the place of the petitioner with power to settle with the petitioner and to receive what shall remain in the hand of the petitioner after deducting the expense of this application, and that he may thereafter be freed form any further care of said property or in some other way grant relief.

And he as in duty bound will ever pray,

Roger W. Williams

Dated at Brooklyn, May 3, 1819


This may certify whom it may concern that we believe the facts stated in the foregoing petition to be justly stated and would recommend Mr. Zechariah Spalding of said Brooklyn to be a suitable person to take charge of said property in the place of Roger W. Williams, Esq.         

All which is submitted to Your Honors by your humble servants,

Vine Robinson

Justices of Peace

Brooklyn, May 3, 1819          

Legislative Action:

Petition of Roger W. Williams, Esq.  House Representatives, Referred to a select committee3 Messrs. Warren, Gurley, and Kinney. Ralph I. Ingersoll, Coffin.4  In House of Representatives, Granted.  Attest, Ansel Sterling, Clerk.  In Senate, Granted with liberty of a bill, etc.  Attest, Mr. William W. Boardman, Clerk


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  • 1. The first Wednesday of May in 1819 was the 5th.
  • 2. The second Thursday of October 1808 was the 13th.
  • 3. Deleted Text: attest
  • 4. This person remains unidentified.