Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly upon the Petition of Roger W. Williams, Esq. of Brooklyn, CT

Upon the Petition of Roger W. Williams, Esq., of Brooklyn shewing to this Assembly that in the year 1808 he was appointed by the Honorable General Assembly to dispose of and convey certain lands lying in said Brooklyn belonging to the heirs of Lucy and Hannah Jowon (Indian women) that he disposed of said lands according to said order and let out the money and put the same on interest under the direction of the Judge of Probate for the district of Pomfret, praying to be discharged from said trust1 and that some suitable person may be appointed in his room as per petition on file dated the 3rd of May 1819.

Resolved by this Assembly that the prayer of said petition be granted and that the petitioner settle his account with the Judge of Probate for the District of Pomfret and deliver over the money and obligations that remain in his hand after deducting the expense of this application to Zechariah Spalding of said Brooklyn who is hereby fully authorized to take charge of said

7     property of said heirs under the direction of

6     and giving bail to the Judge of Probate for said district (he first, etc.)

5     2And that he settle his accounts with said

4     judge annually for the rents and payments

       3     made for the support of said heirs according to their

       2     necessities, and that said Williams shall

       1     be released from any charge of said property

        from and after the time he shall have delivered over said property to said Spalding as aforesaid.

Legislative Action:

Approved May 24, 1819.  Concurred with amendments, viz., erasing the words and giving bail to in the interlineation between the sixth and seventh lines of the bill from the bottom of the first page thereof and inserting after the word district in said sixth line these words, viz., he first giving bonds with surety to the acceptance of said judge conditioned for the faithful discharge of said trust.  Attest, William W. Boardman, Clerk.  In House of Representatives, Reconsidered and concurred with the Senate in amendments.  Attest, Ansel Sterling, Clerk.  In Senate, May Session 1819, Oliver Wolcott.  Resolved in House of Representatives, Passed.  Attest, Ansel Sterling, Clerk


 7a, 7b, 10

  • 1. Deleted Text: as per petition
  • 2. Deleted Text: for the