Petition of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly concerning Indian Land Held in Severalty



This is to inform you that the Mohegan Tribe of Indians (the major part) met together the 9th instant,1 and it was agreed by all present, and it is our minds and desire that the land that our honorable overseers laid out to the Mohegan Tribe may remain and stand on the same footing as it was established by the Honorable Assembly.  It is our desire that our land, when we have done with it, that our heirs may have the benefit and improvement of said land so long as there is any heirs left, and it was agreed at our meeting, and it is our request that Your Honor, if you see fit, would draw a petition for the tribe to send to the Honorable Assembly to inform Their Honors the request of the tribe is above written.  It was agreed at said meeting that Robert Ashbow should carry the petition to the Assembly, and we think it would be reasonable that Robert Ashbow should have some money for his support while he is gone.

Robert Ashbow
Montville, Mohegan, October 10, 1799


To the Honorable Richard Law, Esq.                           

New London


Mr. Haughton


If the tribe think proper to pursue their petition, it will be requisite and proper to furnish their agent with sufficient money for the purpose.

Richard Law

October 12, 1799


47a, 47b, 60

  • 1. That is, October 9, 1799