Report of the Committee Appointed by the Connecticut General Assembly concerning Mohegan Indian Land

To the Honorable General Assembly Now Sitting

The undersigned, being a committee to whom was referred two petitions brought forward by the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, take leave to report that we find by information only from the said Robert Ashbow, that he was authorized by a part of said tribe to prefer one of said petitions as their agent1 no other credentials brought forward, the other of said petitions signed by Meazon, etc., was2 handed in by the Honorable William Williams, Esq., the Committee further find that this assembly some time since gave orders to parcel out a part of said lands for improvement only, no other legal division hath ever taken place, we further find by the information of said Ashbow that there is a tract of land in the Oneida Country reserved for said tribe with six other tribes, but no further evidence of said reserved are shewn3 from4 which it doth not appear with certainty that there are lands in the State of New York actually belonging to said Mohegan Tribe, and, as there appears by said two petitions to be a difference in the sentiment and wishes of the members of said tribe and there still remaining legally seized in common and undivided if said lands the committee cannot advise that it would be for the benefit of any individual of said tribe to make sale of his or their undivided part of said lands at this time.

All which is submitted by Your Honors' humble servants,

May 26, 1798                         

Legislative Action:

5In the House of Representatives, the within report was read and accepted.  Attest, Elizur  Goodrich, Clerk May Session, 1798 / Report de Petition of Ashbow, etc., Indians, read and accepted.  House of Representatives


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  • 1. Deleted Text: of said
  • 2. Deleted Text: sent
  • 3. Deleted Text: otherwise / than the Information of said Ashbow
  • 4. Deleted Text: all
  • 5. Deleted Text: In the House of Representatives, the prayer of Report, the forgoing petition is negatived. Attest, Elizur Goodrich, Clerk, May Session 1798