Petition of Robert Ashbow and Other Mohegan Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly Requesting Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May Next1

The petition of Robert Ashbow, agent, and others, Indians of the Mohegan tribe, by their agent Robert Ashbow humbly sheweth that they are owners of sundry tracts of land reserved for the use of said tribe, which has been lately divided and set out to individuals in said tribe for improvement in pursuance of a resolve of the General Assembly.  Your petitioner would further state to Your Honor that we have an offer and invitation from our friendly Indians of the Oneida Tribe of a large tract of good land, which has been confirmed to us by the State of New York, sufficient to settle ourselves and families on in case we remove thereto, and some of our tribe not being willing to go, but we, the subscriber, being desirous to accept of the offer and remove to said Oneida lands, your petitioner therefore prays Your Honors to take their case into your wise consideration and grant them liberty to sell and dispose of their lands in Mohegan under the direction and inspection of the overseers of said Mohegan Tribe or in some other way grant relief.

Robert Ashbow, his mark
John Cooper, his mark
Solomon Cooper, his mark
John Cooper 2d, his mark
Noah Uncas, his mark
Simon Chago, his mark
Andrew Ashbow, his mark
Joseph Johnson, his mark
Joshua Cooper, his mark
Betty Cooper, her mark
Hannah Ashbow, her mark
Eunice Occom, her mark
Esther Pegee, her mark
Lucy Comwas, her mark
Betty Uncas, her mark
Hannah Shantup, her mark

Dated at Mohegan, April 20, 1795

Legislative Action:

May Session 1798 / In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the foregoing petition is negatived.  Attest, Elizur Goodrich, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary / Petition Mohegan Tribe of Indians / Negatived House of Representatives / Negatived Upper House

In the House of Representatives, the petitions of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians are referred to Messrs. Larrabee, Raymond, Hull, Griswold, Wait to enquire into the facts therein stated and report make together with their opinion.  Test Elias Perkins, Clerk.  May Session, May 24, 1798 /  Bill de Committee de Indians


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  • 1. The second Thursday of May in 1795 was the 14th.