Bill in Form on the Memorial of Sarah Poquiantup and Others, Niantic Indians

Upon the memorial of Sarah Poquiantup and others, the heirs of Isaac Poquiantup, deceased, late of the Niantic tribe of Indians in Lyme, setting forth that the memorialists are possessed of about fourteen acres of land in said Town of Lyme as the heirs of said Isaac, deceased, and praying for liberty by themselves or other proper person to sell and convey the said lands by deed to the purchaser legally as per memorial on file dated the 7th day of October 1799.

Resolved by this Assembly that the memorialists have1 liberty to sell said lands agreeable to the prayer of their memorial and that the deed of the memorialists shall be a good title to the purchaser, provided that such sale be made and the deed executed with the consent and approbation of Moses Warren, Jr., Esq., of the Town of Lyme.

Legislative Action:

October 1799.  Passed in House of Representatives.  Attest, Elizur Goodrich, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary / Bill in form on the memorial of the Poquiantup Indian


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  • 1. Crossed out word: leave