Memorial of Henry Quaquaquid and other Mohegan Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly Requesting Leave to Sell Land

Upon the memorial of Henry Quaquaquid and others of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians in the Town of Montville shewing to this Assembly that they own and are possessed of a small piece of land, situate in said Montville containing about eight or ten acres, adjoining southerly partly upon Thomas Avery's land, easterly upon land aparted to Joseph Ashbow, one of said tribe, and northerly partly upon a road and partly upon Joseph Fitch's improvement, so called.  That said about eight acres of land may now be sold to advantage without incommoding the residue of said tribe's land, praying for liberty to sell the same, as per memorial, etc.

Resolved by this Assembly that liberty and license be, and the same is hereby granted to the memorialists to sell the aforedescribed parcel of land under the direction of the overseers of said tribe and to give a deed thereof to the purchaser, approved by said overseers and that the avails thereof be applied to the schooling of said tribe or other their necessary use and benefits at the discretion of said overseers.

Legislative Action:

Passed in the Upper House.  Test, George Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in House of Representatives, October 9, 1795.  Test, Samuel W. Dana, Clerk / Bill de Mohegan Indians


44, 54