Petition of the Mohegan Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly Protesting the Appeal of a Law relative to Indian Debt

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May 17901                               

The petition of Robert Ashbow, Samuel Ashbow, Henry Quaquaquid, and others of the Mohegan Indians in behalf of the Tribe of the said Indians humbly sheweth that the Honorable Assembly at their last sessions were pleased to order a survey of the Mohegan Indian land to be taken and to be divided among the said Indians according to the pleasure of the trustees of said land, and a division of the same was therefore made by the directions of said trustees, but your petitioners have since discovered that a considerable tract of the said land is left out of said division and lies undivided, which appears to them will be of great loss and disadvantage to the tribe in general as well as to many individuals, as there are several widows of Mohegan Indians,2 not Natives of Mohegan, (which by the English laws are entitled to no more than one third of the estate of their deceased husbands), who have been allowed an equal share with the rest indiscriminately, by which means those of the true tribe suffer considerable loss, etc., your petitioners further beg leave to inform Your Honors that they have some reason to apprehend that several of their white neighbors have encroached on their said land, which by long continuance they claim as their property whereas if the records of the said lands were examined, it would appear they would have no legal right to such part, as they have now so encroached upon.  Wherefore, your petitioners humbly beg Your Honors to appoint some person or persons to enquire into the above matters as your petitioners may be redressed and quieted, and that a more equal method may take place in regard to the division of the said Mohegan land, and other matters which your petitioners have herein set forth may be taken into Your Honors' consideration, and that you will be pleased to grant them such relief as in your wisdom you may think meet.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray, etc., etc., etc.,

Samuel Ashbow
Robert Ashbow
Henry Quaquaquid in behalf of Mohegan Indians
Dated at Mohegan, May 1790


Mohegan Indian Petition / May 1790


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  • 1. The second Thursday in May in 1790 was the 13th.
  • 2. Deleted text: who are