Deposition of Anne Chesnoe about Property on an Island in the Connecticut River

Anna Chesno of Lyme in the County of New London of lawful age testifies and says that one Cyrus Cobb (an Indian), according to the best of her remembrance about forty or fifty years past, owned part the island in Connecticut River called Haddam Island1 and that she, the deponent, understood that the said land came to him by his wife and that the said Cyrus Cobb had one son, namely, Daniel Cyrus, and one daughter, Anna Cyrus, who afterwards was married, as she understood to one Tantapan of Guilford, and the said Cyrus Cobb had another daughter that died at Guilford and left no heirs, that said Daniel Cyrus married one Sarah Wright of Lyme, and he died some years past and left sundry children, and she understands that all his children are since dead.

New London County, Jurisdiction of Lyme
October 11, 1788


The above named Anna Chesno personally appeared and made solemn oath to the above deposition before me, Andrew Griswold, Justice of the Peace / The opposite party not nor present, the distance being more than twenty miles from this place.  Andrew Griswold, Justice of the Peace


To the Honorable General Assembly at New Haven / October Session 1788 / The Deposition of Anna Chesno


Opened in General Assembly per James Davenport, Clerk


Memorandum  / The within depositions not to be taken from the files, except the deed made from the selectmen of Guilford is produced.


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  • 1. Also known as Thirty Miles Island.