Deposition of Susanna Workeet about Property on an Island in the Connecticut River

Susanna Waukeet of lawful age testifies and says that Daniel Cyrus and Ann Tantapan was brother and sister, children of Cyrus, and grandchildren of [ crossout ] Cobcozen.Question: 

Do you know whether Cyrus owned any lands in Haddam?

Answer:  No, but have heard that Cobcozen owned land on an island near Haddam.1

Susanna Waukeet, her mark 


New Haven County in the jurisdiction of Guilford, October 8, 1788, Personally appeared Susanna Waukeet and made oath to the truth of the foregoing deposition before me, Thomas Burgess, Jr., Justice Peace


May 1789 / Evidence taken at the request of the Selectmen of Guilford and to be improved before the Honorable General Assembly to be held at New Haven on the second Thursday of October A.D. 1788 /  T. Lord  / New Haven January 1789 / Opened in General Assembly per James Davenport, Clerk


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  • 1. That would be Thirty Miles Island.