Memorandum of Stock Allowed in Indian Town Pasture

A memorandum of stock allowed to keep in the Indian Town pasture1 for the year 1816, to be taken in first day of June into said pasture by the Indians2
Abigail Hue: four, two-year-old cattle                       
Rachel Poheage: three, three-year-old cattle
Betsy Tikens: four, two-year cattle
Polly Shelly: three, two-year-old cattle
Joanna Shantup: four, three-year-old cattle to pay doctor bills, Billings & Smith
Nancy Skeesucks: two three-year-old cattle
Prudence Fagins: two three-year-old cattle
Tyra Nedson: one three-year-old and two year old
Allowed Clor Williams three Dollars for keeping Sally Dick’s one
two-year-old and Hannah Shelley two three-year-old cattle
Cyrus Shelly is to make a good great gate and posts and set them into the ground nicely on the south part of the Indian Town pasture adjoining William Chesebrough land which we have agreed to pay him four dollars for to come out of said Indian Town pasture.  Said gate is to be well created as above mentioned by the first day of June next.
Tyra Nedson is to turn her lot, called the Annah Jacob3 lot out, into the great pasture as common stock and is to have two fifteen shilling cattle in lieu of said lot.
Men’s names that turned in cattle to Indian Town pasture, 1816
Josiah Gallup: two two-year-old for Polly Shelly
Henry Chesebrough: two-year-olds for Cyrus Shelly
Peres Wheeler: year old for Hannah Shelly, ditto, John Wilcox, yearling4
Silas Chesebrough: two two-year-old cattle and is to pay Clor Williams three dollars
Description of cattle turned in to Indian Town pasture, 1816
Benadam Williams’ cattle: two-year-old steer, red and white, one a reddish-brown steer and two black heifers5 two years old
George Irish:  one brindle6 two-year-old white heifer, one brindle yearling heifer, star on her forehead, two white hind feet, one two-year-old reddish-brown heifer
Josiah Gallop’s cattle: two brown steer, two-year-old, earmarked alike
Nathan Barnes: two red, two-year-old, one some white under the belly one black two-year-old heifer some white under the belly
Samuel Hempstead, Jr.: one pair of three-year-old steers, one a brindle, the other a brindle white-face steer, one red white-faced white-bellied, high horned cow
Richard Hempstead: one pair of three-year-old strays, one a brindle white-backed, the other a blacked ring middle one
John Wilcox:  one red yearling heifer
Peres Wheeler: two two-year-old steers, one a black pied,7 the other almost white
George Hewitt:  one red yearling bull
Johnston Davis: one red white-faced two-year-old heifer
Miscellaneous:  27 + 3 = 30 + 2 = 32
  • 1. The pasture was located in North Stonington, Connecticut.
  • 2. May 23 is crossed out
  • 3. It is unclear to whom this is referring. it is possible that Annah Jacob refers to Anne Sowas, daughter Jacob Sowas. This is a fairly common naming convention used when a woman shares the same first and last name as another woman, a method of differentiation based on the husband’s first name.
  • 4. Young male and female cattle are referred to as calves until they are weaned. When they are between one and two years old, they are called yearlings. "Understanding cattle terminology,"; Calf, Wikipedia.
  • 5. A heifer is a young female cow that has not borne a calf. Lexico
  • 6. Brindle: a brownish or tawny color of animal fur, with streaks of other color. Lexico
  • 7. Pied means having two or more colors. Lexico. Black Pied is a breed of dairy cow.