Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly upon the Petition of Rhoda Charles

Upon the petition of Rhoda Charles, of Brothertown in the County of Oneida and State of New York, shewing to this Assembly that she is owner of a certain tract of land lying in the Town of Lyme and County of New London bounded as follows.  Easterly by lands conveyed by Philip Occuish to Philip Occuish, Jr., his son. Southerly by lands belonging to the heirs of George Jeffery and by Rowland Rogers' land.  Westerly by said Rogers' land and northerly by the highway, and praying this Assembly for reasons therein stated to authorize her to sell and convey said lot of land, etc., as per petition on file dated the 9th day of October 1815.

Resolved by this Assembly that the said Rhoda Charles, by and under the direction and advice of George Griswold, Jr., of said Lyme, be authorized to sell said land and to give a good and authentic deed of conveyance to the purchaser of the same, which shall be valid in law.

Legislative Action:

General Assembly. October Session 1815.  Passed in the House of Representatives.  Attest, Seth P. Staples, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary / Bill in form on Petition of Rhoda Charles / House of Representatives / Concurred Upper House


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