Memorial of Joseph Hull and Stanton Hewitt, Overseers of the Eastern Pequot Indians

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May AD 18151

The memorial of Joseph Hull and Stanton Hewitt, both of the town of North Stonington in New London County, overseers of the Stonington Tribe of Indians, and Ebenezer Morgan and William Williams, both of Groton2 in said county, overseers of the Groton Tribe of Indians, and other inhabitants of said towns of North Stonington and Groton, humbly sheweth that the said tribes of Indians reside near the borders of said towns and near each other, and consist of  about two hundred souls, possessing respectively a considerable tract of land, that among these Indians there are about fifty children and youths who are desirous of being instructed to read and write, and to enjoy the benefits of moral and religious information; that for many years said tribes have been destitute of schools or school houses, and that no provision is made by law for extending and securing to the children of said Indian tribes the benefit of schooling, by means whereof they are permitted to grow up in ignorance and, of course, early and easily to contract a habit of those vices of which such ignorance is the natural parent.  From the observation which the petitioners have been enabled to make, no doubt exists but that many of said children might be, at little expense, so far taught, civilized and Christianized as to be decent members of society in the subordinate walks of life.  While the spirit of the age encourages the spread of light and Christian knowledge to distant tribes, we feel impressed with the duty of extending these blessings to those who are placed under our immediate care and observation. We, therefore, pray Your Honors to enquire into the matters aforesaid and every thing that concerns the present state of said tribes, regarding their means of instruction, and to order that some measures may be adopted to yield them the use of schools and protect them against the increasing baneful effects of vice and ignorance or in some other way, as the wisdom of Your Honors may direct, grant relief in the premises.

And they in duty bound will pray,

Stanton Hewitt                                  
Joseph Hull, Overseers to the Stonington Tribe of Indians        
Ebenezer Morgan                               
William Williams, Overseers [ to the ] Groton Tribe of  Indians
William Chesebrough                                                     
Cyrus Williams                                                                 
Henry Chesebrough                                      
Thomas Wheeler                                         
Stephen Avery                                                                 
John Billings                                                   
Russell Wheeler                                                                 
Elias Hewitt                                                     
Oliver Avery                                                      
John Smith
Dated at North Stonington, May 6, 1815


Memorial of Joseph Hull, Esq., etc., Overseers of Indian Tribes in Stonington and Groton

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives.  Referred to Joint Committee regarding the condition of the Indian tribes, with leave, etc.  Attest, Charles Denison.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary.  General Session May 1815


18a-d, 22-23

  • 1. The second Thursday of 1815 was the 11th.
  • 2. That part of Groton is presently Ledyard.