Appointment of a Committee by Connecticut General Assembly

Whereas it is represented to this Assembly that there has been of late no settlement of the accounts of the overseers of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians.  And whereas many difficulties and disputes have arisen among them.  And whereas it is desirable to know the quantity1 and condition of their lands, the number of2 persons belonging to said tribe to have the accounts of said overseers adjusted, and said difficulties and disputes removed.

Resolved by this Assembly that the Honorable Mathew Griswold and Nathaniel Shipman, Esq., be, and they are hereby appointed a committee to examine into the matters aforesaid and make report thereof to the next General Assembly.

Legislative Action:

Passed in the Upper House.  Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary.  Concurred in the House of Representatives.  Attest, Charles Denison, Clerk.  General Assembly 1814 / Resolve de Mohegan Indians / Passed Upper House / Concurred House of Representatives / Etc.     


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  • 1. Deleted Text: state
  • 2. Deleted Text: individuals