Petition of Rhoda Charles to the Connecticut General Assembly Requesting Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at New Haven on the Second Thursday of October Instant1

The memorial of Rhoda Charles of Brothertown in the County of Oneida and State of New York humbly sheweth that she is of the Niantic Tribe of Indians in the Town of Lyme and County of New London, that she has three children,2 one of which is and for a long time past, has been sick and in a very low state of heath, and that she is owner of about eighteen acres of rough, poor land, worth about one hundred dollars, as heir to her father and grandfather, and by them purchased, which land lies in the Second Society of said Lyme, and is bounded as follows, viz., easterly by lands conveyed by Philip Occuish to his son Philip Occuish, Jr., southerly, by lands belonging to the heirs of George Jeffery and by Rowland Rogers' land, westerly by said Rogers' land and northerly by the highway, and your petitioner is desirous of selling said land for the purpose of supporting her sick family.  And thereupon she prays Your Honors to authorize her to sell and convey said lot of land in such manner as Your Honors3 shall direct or in some other way grant relief.

As she in duty bound will ever pray,

Rhoda Charles, her mark
Dated at Lyme, October 9, 1815

Legislative Action:

General Assembly, October Session 1815.  In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the foregoing petition is granted with liberty of a bill, etc.  Thomas S. Williams, Clerk. Concurred in the Upper House.  Attest, Thomas Day, Secretary / Petition of Rhoda Charles / Granted House of Representatives / Concurred Upper House 


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  • 1. The second Thursday of October in 1815 was the 12th.
  • 2. The identity of these children are currenly unknown.
  • 3. Deleted Text: as