Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly upon the Petition of Hannah and Moses Shantup

Upon the petition of Hannah Shantup and Moses Shantup of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians shewing to this Assembly that they, together with Henry Shantup, deceased, were the owners and possessed of a certain piece of land lying in said Mohegan, containing about five acres1 bounded by Peleg Church's land about one hundred rods by Samuel Ashbow's heirs' land about twenty rods and by the highway about one hundred and thirty rods.  That said land is unfenced and so situated that they cannot improve the same, that by sickness they have become indebted and that by means of said sickness they are rendered unable to support themselves and pay their said just debts by the rents of said land.  Praying the liberty of this Assembly to sell said lands under the direction of the Honorable William Hillhouse or some other suitable person that thereby they may be enabled to discharge their just debts as per petition on file dated the first day of October 1808.

Resolved that this Assembly do grant the prayer of said petition and do authorize and empower the said Hannah and Moses Shantup by and with the advise and direction of the Honorable William Hillhouse to sell the lands described in said petition and to execute good and authentic deed or deeds2 thereof to the purchaser or purchasers thereof which deed or deeds shall be good to all intents and purposes to vest the title of said land in such purchaser or purchasers.

Legislative Action:

Passed in the House of Representatives.  Test, Lyman Law, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.   Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary / Bill in form on petition of Hannah and Moses Shantup


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  • 1. Deleted Text: as is
  • 2. Deleted Text: of said lands