Memorial of Ebenezer Scarborough and Samuel Chapman to the Connecticut General Assembly

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at New Haven on the said Thursday of October Instant.

The memorial of Ebenezer Scarborough and Samuel Chapman, selectmen of the Town of Brooklyn, humbly sheweth that in the year 1802, the then selectmen of said town presented a petition to the Honorable General Assembly, shewing that Hannah and Lucy Jowon (Indian women) were possessed of a tract of land in said Town of Brooklyn of about one hundred acres with a house thereon.  That said Indian women had a number of children who were idle and strolling about the country and become burdensome to the inhabitants of said town, that there was no person authorized to take care of them or their estate, praying said Assembly to appoint some suitable person a guardian and overseer to the said Hannah & Lucy, with power to take care of them and their property, upon which petition said Assembly did appoint Nathan Witter, Jr. guardian and overseer to the persons and estate of the said Hannah and Lucy with full power to take care of their lands and dispose of the annual rents and profits arising therefrom for the comfortable support of them and their heirs, as by said resolve will fully appear.

And your memorialists would farther represent that said land, being principally covered with wood, has been so unproductive that the whole amount of the rents and profits of the same amounts only to the sum of about forty dollar, that said house has been destroyed by the wind, which will render it still less productive in future, that the said Hannah and Lucy and one of their children and one grandchild have since deceased, that the said guardian has necessarily expended about fifty dollars, in taking care of the said Hannah and Lucy, and in defraying their funeral charges, that the said child deceased was very sick in said town for a long time, and that said town has expended the sum of about $130 dollars for their board, nursing, doctor's bill, and funeral expenses, that there are still living two children of the said Hannah and Lucy, and a number of grandchildren, who are poor and need support.  And your memorialists would further represent to Your Honors that there is no way in which said town can be remunerated for the expense at which it has been in supporting said Indians, except out of the State Treasury or by the sale of said land that said land lies near the extreme part of the town and will not very much increase in its value and very little annual profits arise, nor can much be obtained from said land in its present situation.

They therefore pray Your Honors to appoint and authorize some suitable person to sell said land under the direction of the Court of Probate for the District of Pomfret and also empower him to make a settlement with said Witter, that the said expense already incurred in supporting said Indians, be paid and that the remainder of said avails of said sale be kept at interest under the direction of said Judge of Probate for the future support of the children and heirs of the said Hannah and Lucy Jowon, or in some other way grant relief.

And your memorialists as in duty bound will ever pray,

Ebenezer Scarborough
Samuel Chapman
Dated, at Brooklyn, October 10, 1808.           


We the subscribers hereby certify that we have examined the foregoing memorial and are well acquainted, with the facts therein stated and believe the same justly and truly stated, and, in our opinion, it is necessary and expedient that the prayer of said petition should be granted. 

Justices of Peace
Nathan Witter, Jr.
William Putnam
Brooklyn, Oct 10, 1808

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the foregoing petition is granted.  Test, Samuel Rowland, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  October Session 1808 

No 21 / Petition of the Selectmen Brooklyn / Granted House of Representatives / Granted Upper House / Bill / Passed House of Representatives / Passed Upper House / Copy / Entered


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