Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly upon the Memorial of Ebenezer Scarborough and Samuel Chapman

Upon the memorial of Ebenezer Scarborough and Samuel Chapman, selectmen of the Town of Brooklyn, shewing to this Assembly that the heirs of Lucy Jowon and Hannah Jowon, Indian women deceased, are possessed of about one hundred acres of land lying in said Brooklyn that Nathan Witter, Jr., overseer and guardian to said Lucy and Hannah had expended about fifty dollars for the support and funeral charges of the said Hannah and Lucy, that one of the children and one grandchild hath deceased since the death of the said Lucy and Hannah, and that said town had expended about one hundred and thirty dollars for their board, nursing, doctoring, and funeral expenses, praying for liberty to sell said land as per petition on file.

Resolved by this Assembly that Roger W. Williams be and he is hereby authorized and freely empowered to sell said land under the direction of the Court of Probate for the district of Pomfret and to execute deed or deeds thereof, which shall be good and effectual in law with power to settle the accounts of the said town and said Witter and the expense of this application and expenses of said sale and to place the remainder of the avails of said land out at interest on such security as shall be satisfactory to said Court of Probate and to be kept on interest under the direction of said judge for the future support of said heirs.

House of Representatives, October Session 1808

Legislative Action:

Passed in the House of Representatives.  Test  Lyman Law, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary / Bill in form


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