Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly upon the Petition of Dolly Poquiantup

Upon the Memorial of Dolly Poquiantup of Lyme in New London County, shewing to this Assembly that she is one of the Niantic Tribe of Indians and is owner of a certain piece of land she had by descent from her father, Joseph Poquiantup, which the said Joseph in his life time purchased of one Ezra Ely of said Lyme, and that she is poor and wants the avails of the sale of said land for her support after paying the debts of said Joseph, deceased, praying this Assembly to empower her to sell and give authentic conveyance to the purchaser of said land as per petition on file dated May 9th AD 1809.

Resolved by this Assembly that Andrew Griswold be, and he is hereby empowered and authorized to sell said piece of land and to give good and authentic deeds of conveyance to the purchasers of the same, which shall be valid in law and to adjust and settle all the claims and demands of the creditors to the estate of said deceased, first giving notice thereof to all persons concerned by putting a notification on the public sign post in the society where said deceased last lived1 at least six months after the date hereof to all persons to bring in their claims on said estate to Andrew Griswold, and such persons neglecting to bring in their claims shall hereafter be debarred a recovery, and said Griswold is hereby directed to pay unto the several creditors as aforesaid their respective debts the remainder to said Dolly and to the other legal heirs of said deceased from time to time as their necessities may require.

Legislative Action:

General Assembly May session 1809.  Passed in the Upper House. Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred with the Honorable Upper House.  Test, William T. Williams, Clerk / Bill in form, etc. / Dolly Poquiantup Petition / Concurred2 House of Representatives 


101 a, 101 b, 140


  • 1. That would be the East Society of Lyme.
  • 2. Deleted Text: Passed