Petition of Simon Choychoy, Solomon Cooper, and Mary Cooper to the Connecticut General Assembly concerning Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford within and for Said State on the Second Thursday of May AD 18071

The petition of Simon Choychoy, Solomon Cooper, Mary Cooper, his wife, all of Montville in the County of New London in said State humbly sheweth that they are, all of them, members of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians, so-called, and that the said Simon and Mary inherit from their mother and sister about thirty acres of land which lie in common and undivided.  That the said Simon is now advanced in life and has become infirm and decrepit from service during the American War in which he was a soldier during the continuance thereof and in which he received a wound while fighting for the country, by means of which he is now incapable of much bodily labor.  That the said Solomon Cooper, the husband of said Mary, is very aged, being upwards of seventy years old and from providential misfortune, has become perfectly blind.  And your petitioners would further state that the said thirty acres of land have been leased under the superintendence and by the consent of the overseers of said tribe at the yearly rent of about fifteen dollars, a sum far inadequate to their maintenance in their old age and to the supply of the bare necessaries of life, but that said tract of thirty acres is well worth and would probably command four hundred dollars were they permitted and allowed to sell the same.

Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray Your Honors to take their unfortunate case into consideration and to order and resolve that the said tract of thirty acres may be sold by them and transferred to a purchaser, and the avails thereof be put into the hands of the Honorable William Hillhouse, Esq., to be by him dealt out and apportioned among them as their wants and infirmities may require and as he in his discretion may judge reasonable and proper, considering their age and incompetence to provide for themselves or in some other way grant relief.

And the petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray,

Simon Choychoy, his mark
Solomon Cooper, his mark
Mary Cooper, her mark
Dated at Montville this May 11, 18072


This may certify that we, the subscribers, inhabitants of the Town of Montville, have been acquainted with Simon Choychoy and are knowing to his going into the American army at the commencement of it, and continued to the end of the same that he is much infirm and requires help.  We are acquainted and have been with Solomon Cooper for many years ever have known him to be a very honest and upright Indian man and is blind and requires assistance.  The facts stated in the within petition and above certificate are substantially true and correctly stated.3

James Fitch, one of the overseers

Thomas Avery            

Joshua Woodworth

John Leach

Sanford Church

Adonijah F. Bradford

Legislative Action:

In the Upper House, the prayer of the foregoing petition is granted with liberty of a bill, etc.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred House of Representatives.  Test, Sylvanus Backus, Clerk / Memorial of Simon Choychoy and Others / Mohegan Indians / May 1807 / Granted Upper House / Concurred House of Representatives / Bill / Passed House of Representatives / Passed Upper House / Copy / Entered


70 a, 70 b, 70 c, 70 d, 91, 92

  • 1. The second Thursday in May of 1807 was the 14th.
  • 2. Deleted Text: Crossed out in pencil in the following line, James Fitch, overseer
  • 3. Deleted Text: This being the case it has my consent in [ illegible ]all