Resolve of the Connecticut General Assembly regarding the Appointment of Overseers for the Mohegan Tribe of Indians

Resolved by this Assembly that Lyman Law and John G. Hillhouse, Esqs., be appointed overseers of the Mohegan Indians in the stead of Richard Law, Esq., deceased, and William Hillhouse, Esq., resigned.


 Mr. Law declines

Legislative Action:

Passed in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  In the House of Representatives, concurred with alteration, viz., by erasing from the bill the name of Lyman Law, Esq.,1 and inserting in lieu thereof the name of Jeremiah G. Brainard. Test, Sylvanus Backus, Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House in erasing the name of Lyman Law, Esq., and inserting the name of Jeremiah G. Brainard in the above bill.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary

Resolve de Overseers Mohegan Indians / May 1806 / Passed Upper House Copy / Concurred House of Representatives with Alteration / Concurred Upper House / Entered


58 a, 58 b, 73

  • 1. Deleted Text: in lieu thereof