Resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly on the Petition of Joseph Bird Joquips Requesting Re-Instatement of Rights

On the memorial of Joseph Bird Joquips, a native of the Mohegan Tribe of Indians shewing that in consequence of absence from his tribe for many years and a settled opinion that he was dead, he has received no share in the division of the Mohegan lands and is in effect cut off from his just proportion therein, and praying for relief as per memorial on file.

Resolved by this Assembly that the right or share of the memorialist be set out and apparted to him out of the undivided lands belonging to said tribe of Indians in the like proportion and manner as partition heretofore has been made of said lands among said Mohegan Indians, and that the trustees of said Indians be and they are authorized and directed to appart and set out said land to the memorialist, and, when apparted, the memorialist with the advice and under the direction of said trustees is authorized and empowered to sell the said lands.

Legislative Action:

Passed in the Upper House.  Test.  Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  Concurred in the House of Representatives.  Test, Uriel Holmes, Jr., Clerk


67, 87