Petition of Samuel Ashbow and Other Mohegan Indians to the Connecticut General Assembly Requesting Leave to Sell Land

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford in This and for Said State on the 10th day of May Next

The petition of Samuel Ashbow, Betty Cooper (widow of Samuel Cooper, deceased), Lucy Brushell (daughter of said Samuel Cooper), and Tabby Cooper (widow of George Cooper, deceased, the son of said Samuel Cooper), and Betty Shantup (the granddaughter of said Samuel Cooper), Hannah NannapoomEunice Tobbe (alias Occom, widow), Betsy Horsecoat, John Cooper humbly sheweth that they are severally possessed and hold in severally by having the same apparted and set out to them the following pieces of land laying in said Mohegan tract of Land,1 namely to said Samuel Ashbow, a lot of land containing about twenty three and a half acres bounded as follows -- northeasterly on Fitch's land, so called, southerly partly on Mohegan land leased out to Thomas Avery and partly on land laid out to Samuel Uncas, southwesterly on Rogers' land and northwesterly on land laid out to Jacob Horsecoat.  Also a piece of land now belonging to said Betty Cooper, Lucy Brushell, Tabby Cooper, and Betty Shantup containing about eighteen acres, being the heirs and representative of Samuel Cooper, deceased, and is bounded as follows, viz., northeasterly on Fitch's land, southerly on said Ashbow's lot, southwesterly on Roger's land and northeasterly on a lot laid out to Jacob Horsecoat.  Also a piece of land containing about four acres laid out to Jacob Horsecoat, deceased, and now belongs to said Betsy Horsecoat and is bounded northeasterly on said Fitch's land, southeasterly on said lot laid out to said Samuel Cooper, southwesterly on said Roger's land and northeasterly on2 land laid out to said John Cooper.  Also a piece of land belonging to said John Cooper and family containing about eighteen acres bounded northeasterly on the Fitch's land, southwesterly on Rogers' land, northerly on said Fitch's land and southwesterly on said four acres last before described or however the same may be otherwise bound, as will more accurately appear by the survey thereof, ready to be produced and shewn

Wherefore, your petitioners pray that some suitable person or persons may be empowered to sell and dispose of the whole of the aforesaid pieces of land for the sole use and benefit of the respective concerned therein, except as to the first tract described that only six acres thereof be disposed of as it will be highly advantageous to the concerned to have the same disposed for the respective benefit of said petitioners, the concerned, and will be agreeable to the wish, mind, and consent of said tribe.  The sale to be under the direction of the overseers of said tribe.

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray,

John Cooper, his mark
Jacob Cooper, his mark
Betty Cooper, her mark
Hannah Shantup, her mark
Eunice Occom, her mark         
Lucy Brushell, her mark            
Betty Shantop, her mark          
David Cooper, his mark             
Esther Cooper, mark                   
Lucy Cooper, her mark
Olive Cooper, her mark
Tabby Cooper
Betty Horsecoat
Dated at Mohegan, April 30, 1804

Legislative Action:

In the Upper House, the prayer of the within petition is granted with liberty of a bill, etc. Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the within petition is negatived.  Attest, Nathaniel Rossiter, Clerk.

In the Upper House, the Honorable William Hillhouse is appointed to confer with such committee as the House of Representatives may appoint on the differing votes of the Houses on this petition.   Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary.  In the House of Representatives Messrs. Augustus  Collins and George Williams are appointed on the part of this House for the purposes mentioned in the vote of Governor3 and Council.  Test, Nathaniel Rossiter, Clerk.

In the House of Representatives on report of committee and reconsideration concurred with Governor and Council in granting prayer of this petition with liberty of a bill, etc.  Test, Nathaniel Rossiter, Clerk

Mr. Hillhouse / Petition of Samuel Ashbow and others, Indians / May 1804 / Entered / Granted Upper House Copy / Negatived House of Representatives  Intra / Committee Upper House / Committee House of Representatives / Granted House of Representatives / Bill / Passed Upper House / Concurred House of Representatives / Copy Paid


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  • 1. Deleted Text: the following piece of Land
  • 2. Deleted Text: said
  • 3. Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.