Petition of the Selectmen of Brooklyn to the Connecticut General Assembly concerning the Appointment of an Overseer for Hannah and Lucy Jowon

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be holden at New Haven in said State on the Second Thursday in October Instant.

Andrew Murdock, Joseph Scarborough, John Ashcraft, John Parrish, and Vine Robinson, all of Brooklyn and selectmen for said Town of Brooklyn the current year, to Your Honors humbly sheweth that one Jowon, an Indian man, several years ago was possessed in fee of a tract of land in some town in the western part of this state, and that the General Assembly in the lifetime of General Israel Putnam appointed him an overseer and guardian to the person and estate of the said Jowon with full power and authority to sell said Indian's land in the west part of said state and with the avails thereof to purchase lands in said Town of Brooklyn, which he accordingly did, nearly one hundred acres, and during the lifetime of said General Putnam, he acted as guardian and overseer to said Jowon and his estate, and your petitioners would further represent to Your Honors that said Jowon has been dead a number of years, and said lands have now become the property of Hannah Jowon and Lucy Jowon, sisters to said Indian man, now deceased, and that said lot of land has a small house on it, and some trifle of improvements as usual on Indian lands but principally consists of timberland, and that said two Indian woman have a number of children, and that they have no economy, and are idle and strolling about the country, and are burdensome to the inhabitants living adjacent, and that since the decease of the said General Putnam, there has been no overseer appointed by the General Assembly, and doubts have arisen under the circumstances of the case whether1 any other authority ought to interfere in the premises, and that if said lands were properly managed, it would provide sufficient support for said Indians, but at present it affords little or nothing, and that the people living near said land are frequently committing trespass and waste by cutting, carrying off, and destroying the wood and timber growing on said lands.   

Therefore, your petitioners pray Your Honors to take the above said subject into your wise consideration and appoint some proper person a guardian and overseer to said Lucy and Hannah and their Estate with full power to take care of them and their property for such time and in such way as to Your Honors shall appear fit and proper.

And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray,


Andrew Murdock
Joseph Scarborough     
Vine Robinson             
John Parrish                 
John Ashcraft             
Dated in Brooklyn October 7, 1802

Legislative Action:

In the House of Representatives, the prayer of the foregoing petition is granted with liberty of a bill, etc. Test, Timothy Pitkin, Jr., Clerk.  Concurred in the Upper House.  Test, Samuel Wyllys, Secretary. General Assembly October Session 18022 /  Petition of Selectmen of Brooklyn / Copied3 / Entered / Granted House of Representatives / Granted Upper House / Bill / Passed House of Representatives / Passed Upper House with alteration / Concurred House of Representatives / Copy intra paid


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  • 1. Deleted text: it be
  • 2. Deleted text: Selectmen of Brooklyn Petition
  • 3. The words “in their” were added here.