Tabhow was a Poquonnock leader who had land rights at Tunxis and at Mattatuck.  He may have been a spiritual leader of his people, since, according to Roger Williams, the name Taupow means “wise man or priest.”  His marriage into a prominent Ramapo Valley family propelled him to become a significant leader among the Munsee in the northern border between New York and New Jersey.  Tabhow had a least two sons, Taphow (the younger) and Quatowquechuck.   Robert Grumet,”Taphow: The Forgotten ‘Sakemau an Commander in Chief of All Those Indians Inhabiting Northern New Jersey,’” Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey, 43 (1998): 23-38.  Williams, Key to the Language, 128. Robert S. Grumet, The Munsee Indians: A History (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2009).  

Before 1647
After 1702