Momauguin was the sachem of the Quinnipiac at the time of English colonization of New Haven.  His family included the tribe’s most prominent leaders, his sister, Shaumpishuh, being the sachem of the Menunkatuck, and his uncle, Qussuckquansh, the sachem of Totoket.  On November 24, 1638, Momauguin and his council with forty seven warriors sold the land of what is now New Haven to the Davenport-Eaton Company, reserving for the tribe’s use a piece of property on the east side of the harbor.   In his position of sachem he often appeared before New Haven Colony officials, protesting English encroachment and protecting the rights of his tribe.  Upon his death, he was succeeded in leadership by Wayhanatt (George Sagamore I).  Menta, The Quinnipiac, 10, 18, 52-56, 85-89, 96-97.  

Before 1618
Before 1673