Eaton, Theophilius, 1590 - 1658

Theophilus Eaton, the son of Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Eaton of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, England, was a businessman and deputy governor of the Eastland Company.  His partnership with the Reverend John Davenport for the colonization of New England brought him and his brothers Samuel and Nathaniel to Boston in 1637.  Two years later both he and Davenport purchased land on Long Island Sound from Momauquin and Montowese, two Quinnipiac sachems, and founded the Town of New Haven.  When New Haven joined with other towns to form the Colony of New Haven, Eaton was elected as governor and held that position until his death.  He was a promoter of the idea of a collaborative association of the English colonies in New England and became a key figure in New England Confederation at its establishment in 1643.  ODNBO

January 8, 1658