Daboll, Nathan, 1780 - 1863

Nathan Daboll was the son of Nathan Daboll, Sr. of Groton, Connecticut.  He was elected to Connecticut's House of Representatives (1831-1833), during which time he served as a member of a Joint Committee on Mohegan land matters in 1831.  Daboll was elected to the Senate (1833-1835).  He later served as Clerk of the New London County Probate Court, a probate judge of the same court (1843-1845) and Justice of the Peace for Groton (1847).  In 1848, he collected signatures on a petition to commute the death sentence of George Jackson to life in prison.
In other matters, Daboll  assisted his father with publishing the New England Almanac and with his own son published Daboll's New Arithmatic.  Wikipedia. Connecticut Register (1847), 104.  Image:  Undocumented newspaper article, Nathan and Wife Elizabeth, evelynmurray39.  Sources for this biography also come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

November 14, 1780
August 28, 1863