Eastern Pequot Overseer Account from June 20, 1845 to June 3, 1846


The Pequot Indians in North Stonington in account with Elias Hewitt






June 20

To this sum due me on settlement with County Court as will appear by my account

 $  27.97

June 27

To calico[1] and trimmings for dress for Polly Shelly


August 9

To this sum paid Isaac Williams for keeping Philena


September 15

To shirt for Henry Shantup 50 cents


September 15

To calico for dress, two cotton cloth for shirt for Philena


December 1

To this sum paid Jack Randall for keeping Philena and one pair shoes as per his bill                                   


December 18

To four pounds nails for Cyrus Shelly


December 25

To one pair brogans[2] for Henry Shantup


December 25

To cotton shirt for Henry Shantup





January 1

To hat at Dudley R. Wheeler's for Henry Shantup


January 15

To pair brogans for Philena


January 15

To wood for Molly Gardner


January 24

To load wood for Molly Gardner


January 24

To shirt and britches for Cyrus Shelly


February 10

To five pounds pork at 8 cents and six pounds beef at 6 cents cut for Molly Gardner



To one quarter pound tea for Molly Gardner



To six quarts meal for Molly Gardner


March 6

To cloth and making shirt for Henry Shantup



To one pair stockings 34 cents and leather for boots for Henry Shantup



To six quarts meal for Molly Gardner


March 9

To cloth for dress and two shirts for Philena


March 9

To pair booties for Molly Gardner


March 9

To four quarts meal for Molly Gardner



To small load wood for Molly Gardner


April 8

To cash for Cyrus Shelly


April 8

To eight pounds of pork and four quarts meal for Shantup


April 8

To three pounds crackers 24 cents, two quarts molasses 20 cents, and one half pound tea for Cyrus Shelly all                                                             


April 10

To shirt 50 cents, stockings 34 cents, to shirt 75 cents, and handkerchief 20 cents for Cyrus Shelly's grave cloths                                             


April 10

To ten pounds pork 80 cents, eight pounds beef 48 cents, twelve pounds flour 48 cents, and two pounds candles 25 cents for Cyrus Shelly when he died


April 20

To this sum paid David Holmes for coffin for Cyrus Shelly


April 20

To Frank,[3] horse, and wagon to deliver coffin


May 6

To eight pounds of pork for Henry Shantup



To this sum paid Jack Randall for keeping Philena


May 16

To cash for Samuel Shantup



To three bushels oats $1.20, six pounds clover seed 60 cents, and peck hurd[4] 50 cents to sow on Samuel Shantup's lot                                                                   



To team and hands to plow and sow oats


June 3

To shirt 34 cents, six pounds pork 42 cents, and tobacco 12 cents for Samuel Shantup



To interest on balance due me on settlement and cash advanced up to April 1846 when I received the rent                





To paid Levi Walker, Doctor, for doctoring, etc.



To my services rendered during the year.  It is the sum which has generally been allowed           


June 12

To this day to court to settle account and expenses



To paid clerks fees



$ 121.18


Contra Credit






By this sum received of Samuel Stanton, Esq., for rent of pasture from April 1846 To April 1847

$ 100.00


By the feed in Cyrus Shelly lot this year





Balance due Elias Hewitt



Judicial Action:

Elias Hewitt account with Pequot Indians.  [7] Allowed so ordered.  File





[1] calico

[2] brogans

[3] Francis McCarty

[4] Hemp herd

[5] The sum here should be $89.35.

[6] The amount here is incorrect.  It should read $18.18.

[7] Deleted Text: Accepted